Kunimitsu Combo Video by Project KYSG

A combo video for Kunimitsu in Tekken Revolution by the Project KYSG team. For those that are new or going to learn Kunimitsu, here are some combo ideas.

Be sure to visit his blog @ http://guc11.wordpress.com/

Mishima Combo Video: "Strength in Blood" by The Main Man

A Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Mishima family combo video! The Main Man confirmed that this will be the last combo video he'll make for the Mishimas. Check it out.

Super Smash Bros Creator ditches Story Mode because clips were watched online

Hear me and weep, Nintendo fans. No story mode for the upcoming Super Smash Brothers game. Neither the 3DS or the Wii U will have any sort of story.

Marshall Law Combo Exhibition by The Main Man

Tekken Revolution combo video featuring Marshall Law. Hopefully some entertaining stuff! Check it out.

Jin Kazama Combo Exhibition 2 by The Main Man

Second combo video of Jin Kazama in Tekken Revolution by The Main Man. Check it out.