Sarah's 6H+K to Moonsault and combo followup v.s. WUKs Test

Testing Sarah Bryant's moonsault against wake-up kicks. Her 6H+K is probably the most recommended combo ender to use before the performing the moonsault in this situation. If done right, you'll avoid the opponent's WUK and have a guaranteed combo followup.

Marie Rose Combo Video by Emperor Cow

A new Dead or Alive 5 Last Round combo video has been released by Emperor Cow. Due to popular demand, this is one dedicated to all of the Marie Rose fans out there. Enjoy!

R. Mika Combo Video by Emperor Cow

Emperor Cow has once again entered the ring, and is ready to bring the noise with a Rainbow Mika combo video for Street Fighter V!

The Eyes of Project Bokuho: Dead or Alive In Dallas 11 and The Absolute Experience

Another Great Weekend, Another Great Tournament Story to Tell
It's was that wonderful time of year again. A time where DOA players from different cities, states, and maybe even countries, gather at a special annual event. A time where they can get hype and enjoy playing the game they know and love.

Guaranteed Stage Dangerzone FTs w/ Helena Douglas

A few examples of guaranteed Force techs exclusive ONLY to the stage "Fireworks" for Helena Douglas, thanks to the special dangerzone. Enjoy!

Absolute Battle 6

It's that time of year again ladies and gents. Where players all over DFW compete in Dallas to become the Absolute victor. This year's tournament will be hosted at the same location as the previous with more games and sponsors to help promote the event. Sponsors, bonus pots, games, and more to be announced soon. So be prepared and have your excuses ready.

Alpha-152 Combo Video by Emperor Cow

Emperor Cow has just launched a new combo video, but this one is for all of the Alpha fans out there. If you are new to this character or are in need to some tips and suggestions, it would be best to watch this video.

Tekken 7: Kazumi Mishima Confirmed Playable Character

Kazumi Mishima--the final boss, wife of Heihachi Mishima, and mother of Kazuya Mishima--is now confirmed to be a playable character for Tekken 7.

Tekken 7: Multi-Character Combo Video by Japan Community

Words really can't describe how creative the Japanese Tekken community is when it comes to combo ideas. Players like Ortega and S.T.L. are just full of surprises, and I am sure they will have more combo videos in the future that will bring plenty of smiles.

Tekken 7: Yoshimitsu and Jack-7 Revealed

The Tekken Project Team revealed two characters this month, both of which are returning Tekken veterans. The first character announced is the Manji Clan Space Ninja himself, Yoshimitsu, and he's got a really neat new look!

Tekken 7: Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and Josie Revealed!

During the livestream on Nico Nico last night, Tekken 7 Director and Producer Katsuhiro Harada announced three new characters for the game.

Tekken 7 Character Leaks: Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and New Characters Revealed!

With Tekken 7 recently launching and making it's way to the United States for the first time at Final Round this weekend, some character data has now been leaked! This so far includes returning characters such as Jin Kazama and Devil Jin.

Tekken 7 "Just Before Launch" Special Broadcast Footage

The special broadcast for Tekken 7 is now available on YouTube. It features Katsuhiro Harada, as well as special cosplay guests Yuriko Tiger and Kinako Sano!

Crushing and Interrupting Low Strikes w/ Uryu-Banda (236P+K)

After discovering that some of Helena's Bokuho strikes crush--as well as evade--low strikes and throws w/ her Uryu-Banda last night, I decided to test it earlier today.

Rachel Danger Zone Stage Combos by AiN

Ain Lin is back with more Rachel combos. But this time, he's giving a little taste of what she's capable of in the legendary Danger Zone stage

Mortal Kombat X: Story Trailer

The newest trailer for Mortal Kombat X. This story takes place 25 years after the events of Mortal Kombat 9. Although the threat of Shao Kahn is over, an even greater danger is among the realms.

Honoka Combo Video by Ain

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is now released in stores, meaning more new combo videos. Ain Lin (aka "866AiN999") strikes again with the newest addition, Honoka!

Tekken 7 Arcade Opening Movie

Namco has revealed a new opening movie for the arcade version of Tekken 7! It was just uploaded from the Tekken Channel page on YouTube.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Honoka Debut Trailer

Our second new character is now revealed, and her name is Honoka. Although Honoka and Raidou are the only characters that can steal movesets, there is some difference between the two.

Kitana and Kung Lao Return for Mortal Kombat X

After a long wait for the next debuts, a new trailer is finally here! It features a first look at the beautiful (and deadly) Edenian Princess Kitana, as well as the Shaolin warrior Kung Lao!