Tekken 7 Character Leaks: Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and New Characters Revealed!

With Tekken 7 recently launching and making it's way to the United States for the first time at Final Round this weekend, some character data has now been leaked! This so far includes returning characters such as Jin Kazama and Devil Jin.

Check out the images below.

Two characters have been revealed as well. Here is the first one.

Could this new female character possibly be related to the Chang family or could she be replacing them for Tekken 7?

There is a lot of debate between fans about this next particular one. Some claim that he could possibly be Jack-7 (or Craig Marduk), while others say he might just be someone new entirely.

It's not long before more new information on Tekken 7 is revealed, so stay tuned. Special thanks to Flying Wonkey for posting these images. Be sure to follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Flying_Wonkey

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