Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Online Match: Project Bokuho (Helena) vs Random player (Hayate)

A lobby match between me and a random Hayate layer. I personally don't remember when this match happened. Maybe I should upload recent matches more instead of forgotten ones.

Mila Combo Video (Ver. 1.04) by Emperor Cow

Emperor Cow has now made a combo video dedicated to the Hot-Blooded MMA Champion, Mila, in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

Stupid Bowl 2014: A Dead or Alive Xtreme Parody

I'm not really a fan of the the Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleball spin-off, but I found this parody really hilarious. Whoever voiced as John Madden for this did a really good job.

Combot Combo Video by dark3rdmage

An amazing combo video called "Feel Again" dedicated to Combot in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This is a continuation of his female combot video last year.

Turbo Mode Combo Video by Lolo Pepis

Lolo has made a combo video dedicated to Tekken Revolution's "Turbo Mode" in Mokujin Rush. There are plenty of amazing combos in "Turbo Mode" that are impossible for players to do in standard modes.This is pretty much what makes it special in some cases.

Marie Rose's Advance Hold Combos by Emperor Cow

Emperor Cow has recently made a combo video for Marie Rose in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade. This is meant to give players some ideas for combos from her advance holds.