Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo: Move Swap Glitch by Pier 21 [Tool-Assisted]

Play list - TEKKEN COMBO VIDEO by Pier 21

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jin Kazama Parry Combo Video by Byakko

My pal Byak is back, with an all new combo video for the one and only Jin Kazama! Shutouts to him and his brother Genbu!

Texas has the best players ^_^

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jun Kazama Combo Video by Hylian Lux

Jun has always been one of my favorite Tekken characters. The reason why this video has made it to discussion on my blog page is because how cool these combos were, and i thought you guys would enjoy it too!

Injustice Gods Among Us: Harley Quinn Trailer

A new trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, and this time Harley Quinn takes the stage! And what's more of a surprise is Joker returns to Gotham City to bring some "joy and laughter" once again. Be sure to check out my future vids and other content @ http://enterprojectbokuho.blogspot.com/ for more.

- Bokuho

Dead or Alive 5 Online Match: Project Bokuho (Kokoro) vs Akira

A lobby match between me (Kokoro) vs an Akira player that joined in. Hope you enjoy this match, sorry for the quality.

Dead or Alive 5 Online Match: Project Bokuho (Helena) vs Ayane

A lobby match between me (Helena) vs another player (Ayane), i forgot his XBL gamer tag though. Hope you enjoy this match, sorry for the quality.

Mortal Kombat Legacy Season Two Announced

The second season to the Mortal Kombat Legacy series is here! Witness Earthrealm's warriors combat against their adversaries, as well as many familiar faces. Check out the trailer

The Eyes of Project Bokuho: Why I Use Multiple Characters In Tekken

For a while now, some people were curious as to why I announce "new main" on several forums and social networks. Honestly, if you had a history like mine you would understand this once you read this story. It's pretty normal for people to learn various characters for many reasons such as personalities, rivalries and interactions between characters (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 covers this), whatever. This whole story is rather long.

Steve Fox And Leo Klisen: Friends or Foes In The future?

After viewing the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 endings for Steve and Leo, there is a lot on my mind about their stories. Out of all of the endings in the game, other than Wang's, these two pretty much get my attention the most. I may not be the only who still has this feeling at the moment, but once you check out the videos below you'll too see why.

The Eyes of Project Bokuho: My History In Fighting Games (Part two)

And now we're back to continue the story of my history in fighting games about how I became attached to the fighting game community. I hope some people were able to finish doing whatever they we're doing during the "commercial break," because now it's game time.

The Eyes of Project Bokuho: My History In Fighting Games

Welcome to the story of my life. Things may get pretty crazy along the way, but hopefully this should get plenty of laughs and awes as many of us had some interesting pasts as gamers. So I have decided to go back and tell you guys my history in fighting games. I would make this shorter, but I'm going to give you all of the information that I can remember, sentence by sentence. From Wichita, Kansas: My home state; to Plano, Texas: Where I live now.