The Eyes of Project Bokuho: Why I Use Multiple Characters In Tekken

For a while now, some people were curious as to why I announce "new main" on several forums and social networks. Honestly, if you had a history like mine you would understand this once you read this story. It's pretty normal for people to learn various characters for many reasons such as personalities, rivalries and interactions between characters (Tekken Tag Tournament 2 covers this), whatever. This whole story is rather long.

My long history of character usage
This originally started when I first played Tekken 6. It was my second game in the series that I owned and I haven't played Tekken for a long time, because my PlayStation One console "magically" stopped working. The first character that I picked up for this game was Lee Chaolan. During the time in November I was stuck watching videos for Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 on YouTube, and I found him a very interesting character (even though i did first play him once on TTT Arcade at an arcade sometime when I was about nine).

Shortly after that, Jin Kazama was also on my playing list...for a very, very, very long time. Though I was pretty disappointed that he no longer had both Mishima Ryu and Kazama style like in Tekken 3 (and Tekken Tag Tournament), he was still pretty fun to use. I mostly learned him through watching Byakko's videos, because I was a huge fan of his work for this character (still a fan to this day).
Next as Asuka; I always found her pretty cute (okay, VERY attractive) for a female character, but she can be a bit aggressive once someone pisses her off. I've gotten used to the character for so long due to the fact that her moveset is based off of Jun Kazama's (another reason why i picked her) and plus I first heard of her from Tekken 5 (the ending scene was...touching). I used her and Lili for most of the time being. Their rivalry is pretty entertaining and usually keeps me laughing for thirty minutes or longer. What? They're school girls. Women fight over things all the time. After that, I just switched around these characters due to lack of use for a while because I needed to keep up with others who learned various characters since this was pretty popular.

Ling Xiaoyu: "I'm pretty strong, you know!"
I shortly picked up Xiao sometime in 2010 a few months after joining GMMA because I used to play the Hell out of her (and Jin Kazama) during my Tekken 3 days. I missed playing this character a lot because it reminded me of my early childhood, and it made me feel like I neglected her (nostalgia can do this sometimes). How I re-learned Xiao was through watching some of the GMMA matches and as well as Jiraiya's videos. Since then, I haven't play any other character (except for Asuka) until this very day. Of course, I did use Miharu Hirano when I first bought Tekken 4 so that was another exception.

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