The Eyes of Project Bokuho: My History In Fighting Games

Welcome to the story of my life. Things may get pretty crazy along the way, but hopefully this should get plenty of laughs and awes as many of us had some interesting pasts as gamers. So I have decided to go back and tell you guys my history in fighting games. I would make this shorter, but I'm going to give you all of the information that I can remember, sentence by sentence. From Wichita, Kansas: My home state; to Plano, Texas: Where I live now.

The Beginning
Well as a child, I was so hooked into video games that I kept talking about it at school. A few of my teachers actually supported my interests and others though I was a A-class nut. Usually on weekends I go the skating rink to play some video games, since it was one of my only offline place to play some arcades. There was a Street Fighter 2 and a few other games, but the one game that kept me going there was Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.
I loved the blood in that game, because not many fighters had anything like it, which made MK pretty special in some cases. I remembered playing as Kitana one time when I had a lot of coins in my pocket and basically she was my first video game girl crush (yep, an eight year-old child playing an M rated fighting game, having his first official waifu with large breasts wearing very suggestive clothes) for a while.

When I get home from school on Fridays, I just run down to the living room and play Tekken 3. It was my first official fighting game that I played (other than Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3). I used to stay up all night playing as Xiaoyu. Heck, one day I even skipped school because of it. The next day, my parents found out about my little habit and hid the disc in the attic, hoping I would never find it. When they were asleep, I just grabbed a big chair and pulled the ladder down so I can go into the attic. I saw the Tekken 3 disc and went down the stairs, put everything back where it was, and played it some more. At this point my parents gave up and let me play (as you can see, I never gave up so easily during that age).

The Cost Of A New Generation In The Fighting Game Era
During forth grade, my PlayStation broke and I was going nuts without Tekken 3 for a long time. All hell broke loose when that happened, and as a result? Well, let's just say things we're not working out quite well for me. I spent seven plus hours turning on the PlayStation console, mainly because it was hard for me to adjust to this situation as a child. Sometimes I was just sitting in a corner rocking back and forth like a highly experienced crackpot. Believe me, I completely forgot about Mortal Kombat after this point.

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