The Eyes of Project Bokuho: My History In Fighting Games (Part two)

And now we're back to continue the story of my history in fighting games about how I became attached to the fighting game community. I hope some people were able to finish doing whatever they we're doing during the "commercial break," because now it's game time.

The Gate To A New Generation
Living in a house without Tekken 3 for a few months was a pain in my ass, but I got used to it eventually. It was summer (the end of forth grade), and I heard so many advertisements about the new Xbox console on Television. I was excited to see that gaming was still actually alive because of the repetitive commercials I saw on TV. I started jumping on the couch when I first saw that Xbox, with it's beautiful black coded design finish and that glamorous light effects when that random person pushed the eject button. After that, I, like every other whinny child, was holding onto my parent's legs and begging them to buy one.

We also heard news that a drawing contest was going on at GameStop at the Town East Square Mall. My older brother was a great artist, so I looked at him. He knew how much I really wanted this new console so he decided to register. In the end, he won the contest by drawing an amazing sketch of Yoshimitsu from one of the Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade advertisements posters he saw a while ago.

First Encounter With Dead or Alive

Shortly after the drawing contest, we went to GameStop to buy some games for the Xbox. On one of the cabinets I saw a Dead or Alive 3 case, and thought it looked pretty nice. The front cover had Christie, exactly like this one below.

I thought it looked impressive, so we bought it with 40 other random games I have never heard of. At home, we put in DOA and realized that the disk happened to be a non cannoned spin-off (that I regret hearing about to this very day) of the series: Dead or Alive Xtreme. The cashier decided to be a comedian put in the wrong disk, maybe he was "feeling lucky." I was dazed at what I was seeing, a cute blonde woman and three other DOA females, half-nude in cute bathing suits. Was I embarrassed at this? Yes, with the color "Blazing red" written all over my face. My dad and older brother were laughing at me when I saw their...bouncing around nonstop across the screen like bunny rabbits. God forbid the spin off was even made...
We went back to GameStop to get the actual copy of Dead or Alive 3, the cashier apologized and gave us the game. Though I honestly do miss that guy, and seeing him pull off funny stuff like that on us and other unlucky people.

Alright, Time For The Play-offs...DOA Style!
After two hours of nonsense we returned home, and immediately rush to the living room and put in the disk. I was fascinated to actually be apart of what most people were so hyped about. The first thing we did was play Tag battle, since it was four-player compatible. Me and my younger brother teamed up against my father and older brother. I was looking at the characters, and all of them looked pretty cool.
My first character of choice was Ayane and my little brother chose Ryu Hayabusa, pops chose Lei Fang and my big brother picked Jann Lee. When he chose the character, i shouted out "Forest Law is in this game???" As a twelve year old, I couldn't tell the difference but what do you expect? Jeet Kune Do was most likely the reason, not to mention Jann Lee's yelling when he attacks. Since we we're having so much fun, Dead or Alive 3 was the official excuse to get away from doing the dishes.

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