The Eyes of Project Bokuho: Top Five Asian Girls In Fighting Games

There are a lot of female characters in fighting games. Some are classy, badass, tamed, deadly, and even rebellious at time. But of course, variety is what makes the world go round. Today, we will be talking about one of my favorite topics in video games. Get ready for the top five Asian females in fighting games!

5. Chun Li

This Chinese fighter has the fastest legs in gaming. The Lightning Kick by Chun Li is one of the most famous moves in the Street Fighter series. She has been in nearly every game in the series (she's incredibly hot too). This girl definitely holds her own in an already very strong roster. This is one young, and dangerous girl you don't want to mess with.

4.  Mai Shiranui

How could I ever forget this lovely vixen? Mai Shiranui is an icon to the fighting game genre. Mai's appearance will make everyone, myself included, stare for hours. Her attacks are swift and powerful, so watch out those who dare to challenge this fox! Who said girls can't look sexy and kick ass at the same time?

3. Ling Xiaoyu

Ling Xiaoyu is name that should be known in the Fighting game community by now. Three words can describe her: Cute, spirited, and quick! She was first introduced in Tekken 3, bringing nothing but havik during the time. The fighting styles that she uses alone, in my opinion, are suitable for this character. Her main goal throughout most of the series, through fighting in tournaments, is to build her own amusement theme park for all to enjoy, and help Jin Kazama.

2. Jun Kazama

Jun Kazama, the queen of Tekken, MUST be on this list! She is the mother of Jin Kazama and wife of Kazuya Mishima, first debuting in Tekken 2. Her fighting style is very elegant, as well as deadly if not taken seriously. She was confirmed "missing" in Tekken 3, and has not been playable further on in the series (except for Tekken Tag Tournaments 1 and 2). However, she has been mentioned and referred to several times in the series during her mysterious disappearance. Her beauty, elegance and fighting skill have no limits for this series. Hopefully, she will have an important role in Tekken 7.

1. Pai Chan

"Pai Chan" is a name well known not only in Virtua Fighter, but in the entire Fighting Game community. She is the daughter of Lau Chan, another character in the series. She is a martial artist and action movie star in her hometown. Her fighting style is Ensei-Ken (Mizongquan) and her favorite hobby is dancing. Once you face this lady in a match, lets just say you WILL NOT be getting back up for months.

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