Amy and Seong Mi-Na Confirmed for Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

On March 30th, Project Soul's director Masaaki Hoshino did a ten hour broadcast about about Soul Calibur and others games.
They also made a poll during the niconico stream, showing viewers which characters they would like to see in Soul Calibur Lost Swords: Amy, Cassandra, Seong Mina and Rock. In the short period that the poll was open, viewers went with Amy to win the poll with 39.7% of the votes. Seong Mi-Na had won second place with 23.8% of the votes. Cassandra took third with 15.7% of the votes, and rock mad last place with 20.8%.
Hoshino announced on twitter that Mi-Na and Amy will be playable in Lost Swords shortly after.

It's not too long before Project Soul makes a trailer for their debut to Lost Swords.

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