My Wishlist for Tekken 7

Since the announcement at EVO, Tekken 7 has brought excitement not only to the Tekken community, but to the entire FGC as a whole. What you're about to read below are my personal thoughts of what I would like to see for Tekken 7.

Character Roster Reduction
It is important that Tekken 7 is as accessible as possible. Many players consider Tekken 6's roster too large, and it only increased in future titles. This is a problem, because not only does it frustrate strong dedicated players, but it also scares new ones. Harada even agrees that the roster in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was way too large. I personally don't mind Tekken Tag Tournament 2, considering that the game is non-cannoned (meaning every character in the series can be playable). But, I do believe that there needs to be some changes made for Tekken 7 so that players, new and old, do not feel intimidated in any way.

Bound System?
Now, for the bound system. This new feature is not really an issue for me, but I personally think that it fits more for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, due to tag assault and other tag related features, instead. For this reason, the bound system should not be included in Tekken 7 because I don't think it added anything to the traditional solo games.

Ever since Tekken 6, it was difficult for many to take the storyline seriously, resulting it to be a joke compared to the previous games. However, the Tekken 7 trailer shown at EVO caught my eye and amazed me. Because of this, my only wish is that they keep this dark and mysterious tone in the game, just like they did with Tekken 4. I believe that the Tekken Project Team can make a wonderful story out of this, and will succeed, because it showed promise.

Return of Extra Modes
I always liked the bonus that modes that the Tekken Project Team added to the game such as Tekken Ball/Bowl, as well as Tekken Force Assault. It would be nice if they bring those back, and I have no doubts that this game will be full of good stuff.

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