The Eyes of Project Bokuho: My History in Fighting Games (Part five)

Hello children! Did you miss me? This part will cover some of the moments during Freshman year in Highschool. It may seem like a small story, but there was a lot going on during those times. Let's go!

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6
Yes. It was fall of 2009 when Tekken 6 made it's way to multiplatforms, and became my second official Tekken game that I own. Unfortunately, I had to wait until December 7th to get a copy of the game because I didn't have the cash. Remember when I told you about my PS1 console no longer working during elementary school? Yeah, it's been THAT long since I last played Tekken so I was rusty beyond belief as a result. This was also the time that I had difficulty picking a character to learn since there were so many to choose from.
Just to get started I chose to practice with Jin Kazama, and the first thing that noticed was that he no longer has the Mishima Ryu Style like in Tekken 3. "What the hell happened to how he played" was pretty much my first reaction so I looked up some videos on YouTube to find out. It turned out that he was no longer using it starting with Tekken 4. Surprised? Yes. Eventually, I started cycling though characters trying to find the one.

Gamers Mixed Martial Arts
It's about time I tell you about the website, the first fighting game community forum that I have joined sometime in early 2010 I believe. I heard of the website through watching some of Dustin "Byakko" Barrera's Tekken 6 videos on YouTube, which had the link to the website in the video description. At first I was nervous considering that the players there were more experienced than I was, and have played Tekken--as well as other fighting games--longer than I have.
The first person that noticed that I was new to the site was Nathan "Mistercox36" Guerrero. He and I talked about Tekken and other fighting games for about an hour, but he had to leave chat. Then I talked with Byakko. As a fan of his videos, I was pretty honored to chat with him.
For while, Tekken 6 has pretty much been my main game since I joined (even though I did play other fighting games sometimes). I tried finding videos regarding Tekken 6, and posting them there to help contribute whenever possible. And just for fun, I even made little trivia games for Tekken when it comes to characters, storylines, and quotes from the anime film. Although GMMA was the first fighting game website I joined, I considered it home (in an FGC sort of way).

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