Tekken 7 Arcade Trailer and Second Location Test

Bandai Namco Games has now uploaded a new introduction trailer for Tekken 7's arcade release. Although there is nothing new shown in the trailer, you can get a better look at the in-game details.

Harada has also announced that the second location test will be on November 22nd and 23rd.

The location test will be online enabled with the arcades connecting to each other. Sega’s GiGO arcade in Ikebukuro, Tokyo Leisure Land in Akihabara, Round One Stadium in Sennichimae, and Taito Station at Tenjin in Fukuoka are where the Tekken 7 Arcade machines will be located. The Claudio and Katarina Banapass cards, as well as character sticker sheets, will be available. Also, players that participate in the location test will have their name entered into the game's staff roll credit screen.

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