Tekken 7: Lee Chaolan, Story Mode, and More!

At long last, Lee Chaolan, is now revealed for Tekken 7 and will be stirring up trouble for the final conclusion in the Mishima Saga. His alter ego, Violet, will be playable as well.
Check out the trailer below.

Aside from the Lee announcement, Namco provided new screenshots for the story mode, which featured both Young Kazuya as well as Young Heihachi (please note: they are only playable in storymode).

There are more details regarding the Storymode for Tekken 7:
  • Past events will be included (ex: Young Kazuya/Heihachi).
  • Sub-plots and specific storylines can be unlocked for various characters.
  • Claudio is important to the story of Tekken 7, because he "holds the key" to defeating the devil gene.

There will be more details revealed soon, so stay tuned.

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