The Eyes of Project Bokuho: My History In Fighting Games (Part four)

Last time, I discussed the conclusion of my past as a gamer in Kansas before I moved to Texas. This will probably be more detailed since I have a better memory of what it's like moving here at the beginning.

My Mame is G4TV. It's Nice To Meet You!
When I first moved here in Plano, Texas, I wasn't sure what to think about. It was beautiful and calm, while at the same time, I just wanted to stay inside and watch TV. I was flipping through channel after channel to find something entertaining, and that is when I first seen the network known as "G4TV." An actual gaming and pop culture channel? A great show known as "X Play" was being broadcasted right then and there. This was the first time I've ever watched something GOOD besides Adult Swim's Anime "ACTN" block on weekday and weekend nights. "I think I'm going to love it here in Texas," I said to myself. I still don't have any regrets saying it. When I got enrolled for seventh grade in Middle school, all I talked about was G4TV. Some of the students and teachers that overheard me must of thought that I don't go out much. But hey, it's not like I gave a s**t.

One evening on G4, there was this Dead or Alive special episode going on. A scene came up where Leifang and what's-her-name sharing a single strawberry in their mouths. "So...Leifang is a lesbian," I thought. I changed the channel as soon as my mother came to the room. She asked me what I was watching, because I was glued to the screen. I had to think of a response quickly, otherwise, worst case scenario, she would have asked me to change it back. I'll just let you use your imagination to figure out what my response was. As much as I don't care about the Xtreme Volleyball spin-off, nothing else was on.

Keeping Up With The Geeks
It was winter break and I got introduced to the Xbox 360, all thanks to Xplay presenting gameplay footage for Halo 3 and several other games. Me and my younger brother told our father about it and smiled. I had a feeling that he knew about it before we did. On Christmas day, we unwrapped our presents and vuala! Our Xbox 360 bundle, right in our faces. Since December 26th has the best deals for games in Texas, we went shopping some more.

How I Heard of The FGC gamers I know in person To This Day
Some of you probably want to know how I hear of the names "MASTER," "Mystik," "Vanessa," and even "Swoozie." A reality gaming show on Sci-Fi, known as "WCG Ultimate Gamer," caught my eye later in the spring. I remember having  a crush on Mystik during the time too. She was really cute, what did you expect? Of course some of the games I already owned for my Xbox 360 at the time, such as Dance Dance Revolution Universe, were being played on some of the episodes. I still have my copy of Dance Dance Revolution Universe 1 and 3 to this day.

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 And Soulcalibur IV
During eighth grade, Xplay broadcasted a Soulcalibur IV tournament on one of their episodes. This is when I first heard about Soulcalibur IV, and a player known as "Black Mamba." I was really happy to hear that the Soulcalibur series was still around, it's been so long. Immediately after the tournament, they announced Tekken 6. When I first laid eyes on that special trailer, I ran, screaming like a little girl, to my father and told him about it. Ever since my PlayStation broke, I couldn't play Tekken 3, which was also nowhere to be found. So many years without playing Tekken in general, and now I was hyped beyond belief since it was announced multiplatform.
The next morning, I received an issue of Game Informer, which mostly talked about things important for Soulcalibur IV. There was no time to read it at home so I brought it to school with me. During lunch, I was reading it and noticed Ivy's lovely new costume design. One of my friends warned me that the teachers would take it if they saw the page where she was...But anyway, it was considered "not school appropriate" having a chick partly nude (so to speak) in video game magazines. I took my friend's advice and hid it in my binder as soon as we finished eating. It turns out that several other people had that same magazine, but got theirs taken away. Talk about killing excitement.

Dead or Alive 4 And The Gamers That Still Inspire Me
Around winter, I first heard of Dead or Alive 4 because G4TV's "Championship Gaming Series" was aired during the time. This is pretty much when I first heard of gamers I look up to today: MASTER, Vanessa, Offbeat Ninja, Mystik (she's still a cutie!), and Soozie. There was this episode that featured Manny, a great Ryu Hayabusa player, vs Offbeat Ninja, a great Ein player.

Dead or Alive 4: How I Got Scarred For Life For The First Time
Okay...we all have been through a moment when something unexpected happens and you get "scarred" for it. During the winter break (this still takes place during the eighth grade), my family went Christmas shopping. At the mall, me, my brother and father went to GameStop to get our copy of Dead or Alive 4 along with Soulcalibur IV. One back of the Dead or Alive 4 cover, I noticed that there was this blonde character with short hair.

I sort of uh...thought this character was...cute. I automatically assumed that this blonde person was a chick (due to the hair and...feminine like features) and went with it, only knowing that I'll regret it later. On christmas morning, we finished unwrapping our gifts and I took a look at this character's bio in the game manual. "Eliot, huh?" I thought as I kept reading the info. Everyone else was went to a different room as was almost finished with the bio. That very moment, I was creeped out to the max when I saw the gender section. It turned out that Eliot was a guy. "ELIOT'S A MALE?? WHAT THE FFFFFFF.....!!" My mind was messed with...badly. Okay, yes I thought "Eliot" was a unisex name back then. I was literally trying to clear my thoughts about what I have just seen, and it wasn't easy considering that he was voiced by a female (great way to add more to my troubles, Team Ninja). To this day, I have no idea what I was thinking back then. Today, I look back laughing at that moment thinking how crazy I was assuming that he was a chick. Good times, but crazy also.

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